What's it all about? Why vegan? Why raw?

Why introducing Raw Vegan into your life?

Introducing more Fruit and Vegetables into our lives, our bodies and minds. It's more sustainable for the planet, i.e. it has a lower carbon footprint.

It's much easier to digest and allows the body to heal itself. 

Raw Veggies and fruits are packed with nutrients and are the cleanest food on the planet to eat hormone-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free. Fruit and Vegetables are all alkaline foods. That means they remove diseases and inflammations from the body. 

Raw Kristina is my biggest role model. She inspired me to go fully raw. Check her out on YouTube if you like :


In 2005, she cured herself from Type 2 diabetes, more specifically, hyperglycemia. 

She started her journey by eating only peaches for two weeks straight and quickly realised that all her symptoms disappeared. After that she started feeding all her neighbourhood with fresh vegetable and fruit.


Alica's Story

To me, personally, I started because I wanted to improve my health. I have been almost vegan for almost 8 years and eating raw vegan almost everyday. 

Before I had a very unhealthy life style taking drugs, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. 

Also, I took medication and vaccines which I wanted to detox from. I discovered a detox book 

while still living this unhealthy life style.

I always loved fruit and vegetables but never heard of a vegan lifestyle before and this book changed my life. I really got curious about only eating fruit and vegetables. It excited me and I wanted to eat only like this.

I tried to detox with only fruit and veggies but at the time I was still smoking, drinking, taking drugs and stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

Then, a couple of years later, I removed all toxins from my life and started to become a vegetarian. Not long after this, I become a vegan. I was fascinated by veganism and, as I changed my lifestyle completely, things started to change. My place where I was living in changed, my job and my friends.

I knew I wanted to give this knowledge to other people so that they can change their lives for the better, make better lifestyle choices, become confident and get empowered creating these delicious and nutritious meals by themselves in the comfort of their own homes.



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